Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Cheater's Method of Glittering

I have a glitter secret!  I love glitter?  No, that's no secret.  I know how to glitter something in 60 seconds with absolutely no sticky mess?  Yes!  That's my secret!  Want to know how?

Just run whatever you want to glitter facedown through a Xyron Create-a-Sticker, unstick the backing, and sprinkle on your glitter.  Voila!  It's the ultimate cheater's method of glittering!

Tips: (1) remember to put the object face down so you don't glitter the wrong side; (2) burnish the object really well before peeling the object off the backing to ensure the adhesive evenly coats the object and be sure to peel the object off the backing in slow motion - if you rip it off quickly you might get "holes" in your adhesive coating.

Don't have have a Xyron?  You should get one!  The best price I've found on machines and refills is on Amazon.  It's kind of an expensive set up, so I only use mine when I am feeling extra lazy.  But on those days when I just don't have the energy to mess with other adhesives, it is totally worth it. 

p.s. Xyron hosts giveaways all the time on their facebook page.  Like them if you are feeling lucky.  (I love giveaways almost as much as I love glitter!)

p.s.s.  No, Xyron is not paying me to write this post... I'm just an enthusiastic fan!


  1. I would LOVE to see photos of your process. This sounds interesting, but I'm a visual person, and it might be especially helpful for those of us who aren't familiar with Xyron! xoxo, Eli

    1. Great idea, Eli! Will post pics soon!


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